Timberland PRO Men’s Titan Safety Toe…

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Greg Mobley I've got two pair of these shoes that I rotate day to day. As a 6'5, 250lb auto mechanic that walks on concrete 10 hours a day, these shoes have been excellent. They are more comfortable than any name brand shoe I've tried (and I've tried many) and they seem to last forever. I've had two pair for two years and the only noticeable wear is the insole. I'll definitely be buying another pair in the future.

Shopper I bought these work boots for my husband and he loved them the only thing if you get a wide with make sure you go a size down because he wears a 10 1/2 regular and I got him wide with so I should have just bought a 10 wide with and he did have to buy some mink oil just to soften the boot a little. Other than that they were great and they look better and the comfort is better than his other work boots.

workrelated If you want a light comfortable shoe that lasts and is fairly wide in the toe(could hardly feel that it was steel) this is it. Leather a little hard and does need some(a day or two)break in time but after that excellent.

Tony If you want a light comfortable shoe that lasts and is fairly wide in the toe(could hardly feel that it was steel) this is it. Leather a little hard and does need some(a day or two)break in time but after that excellent.

Anonymous A great, comfortable work shoe! I bought these after I needed a steel toe replacement for an existing pair that had worn out. I was very pleased that they had arrived a few days after I placed my order. The first day, like with any shoe is a battle due to break in. The next day was a lot better and these shoes proved to be very comfortable for a safety toe. I have to say though, the front of the shoes get cut up pretty easily in a warehouse when dealing with pallets and the like. My shoes looked like I had them for a year in the first couple of days but hey, they are work shoes right? My only regret is that I wish they made these in half sizes as mine were a little big. Overall this is a great shoe and I would recommend anyone who is on their feet all day that has a job where steel toes are required, this is a shoe you should definitely consider getting.

Anonymous These are my second pair of Titan's through Zappos. Unfortunately, they only last 1 year with daily wear until they split. I have found that initially, they are very comfortable, but as the months wear on, the soles lose their cushioning and insoles don't help. If you have flat feet, these shoes will become painful. Also, I never liked the fact that the titanium toe on the wide width is way too narrow. Really don't understand that one at all! Otherwise, they are an acceptable work shoe for me for a few months because they are low and don't rub your ankles and that in itself is unique and a blessing. If Timberland addressed the narrow toe and short life issues, I would buy them again.

Peter The best shoes ever!!!! I absolutely love these shoes. I had worn my steel toes for 12 hours straight, and then I got my package with Timberland Titan's and slipped my tired feet into them. I suddenly felt I was walking on air literally!! The service at Zappos has been exceptional. Got my shoes in less than 48 hrs of ordering. This is the best online shopping experience I have had bar none ever since I started online shopping in 1996! They even refunded the 110% price difference as they promised immediately as the sales rep went to the website with me on the phone where I had seen the shoe for a cheaper price. Walked 2 miles to work today, and am still loving the feel on my feet.

Joe This is my 2nd pair and the best work shoe I've ever worn! I tested several other brands only to be disappointed with the fit and degree of support that was offered so I returned for these. I cringed a bit at the increase in price, but given how the previous pair held up, I really can't complain. This shoe is incredibly light for the degree of support and protection it offers. It has a substantial shank and sole and requires no break-in. It's also completely slip resistant on oil and wet floors. Granted, one shoe is not going to be perfect for everyone, but in my opinion these are certainly worth a try. Combine that with Zappos stellar service and you really can't go wrong!

Keith Feel pretty good, but: DO NOT WORK IN THEM - Shoes looked great out of package. Looks like a mix of a dress shoe and a work boot. I loved these shoes until I started to wear them and they started to come apart. The leather on the toe of the shoe will tear with great ease. A dog was walking by me and stepped on them which caused huge gashes in the shoe. Leather then began to just wear away around other places of the shoe that came in any contact with ANYTHING and especially at the top of the shoe where the ankle is. The minor act of walking in these shoes has caused the ankle to wear away. I am not rough in them but they appear to have been through hell.

Eduard My best work shoes. For last 11 years I ve work as an electrician for manufacturing company. My work requires steel toe electrical hazard certified shoes, which could withstand oil, steel chips and hot surface. So far, I have used many different brands of shoes such as Die Hard, Red Wings, Wolverine, John Deer and Timberland. It is the second time I bought the Timberland Pro Titan Oxford Titanium Toe shoes. In my opinion they are the Best. They are absolutely comfortable from day one, they are most durable, do not stain socks, they let your feet breeze. I felt no problem wearing them for 10 - 12 hours a day. From now on, they are shoes of my choice.


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Timberland PRO Men’s Titan Safety Toe…

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