Timberland PRO Men’s Mudslinger Mid H…

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brownguy for starters the boots are steel toe, the only place you will see this is when you read about the "Pro Series" it is not listed anywhere in the shoe description.

When I received the boots I was very hesitant because of the steel toe, but I like the looks of them, so I decided to wear them around "in" the house for awhile to see how they felt. Well I never took them off, and after an hour I was outside doing yard work and climbing trees. I never gave then a second thought for the rest of the day..

Very comfortable boot and good looking too. Would have been nice if they came non- steel toed.

BenjiJoeBob These are great Steel Toe work boots that are light and very comfortable. They run about 1/4 size too big, but fit perfect with thick socks. Very nice boots.

Victors Shoes.com best price I found was here Just watch for the sales and you like the prices and free shipping could not ask for a better deal


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Timberland PRO Men’s Mudslinger Mid H…

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