Caterpillar Men’s Argon Composite-Toe…

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Richard I kept tearing up my sneakers working in my yard and garden, so I figured I should get some work style shoes. These are perfect! Very comfortable. Nice and sturdy for the large amount of time I spend working outdoors. They are a bit roomy for me (I have narrow heels), but an insert fixed that problem. Plus having designated yard shoes, if they get muddy or stained, who cares. I expect these to last many growing seasons. Wears this shoe: yardwork

John I like the shoe, but it's heavy. It also seems a bit wider then anything else I've ordered in a W. Wears this shoe: Most of the time

Nas I actually like this shoes becouse it gives me all the comfort I need to move around on my job. Wears this shoe: at work


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Caterpillar Men’s Argon Composite-Toe…

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