Smartwool Mens PhD Ski Medium Socks

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Mark Atkinson I have used smart wool ski socks for at least 5 years. I ski 80 to 100 days a year and these socks last! I am in my 60s so I feel the cold more than I used to but the last week the temperatures have been in the single digits but my feet were never cold (and I do not have boot heaters). More important is I can still feel the ski and the snow under the ski. Worth every penny.

Kansas Ski Junky This is a great sock, no doubt about that. I bought these ski socks for a ski trip I took in January 2013, and I couldn't be happier. Even in the coldest part of the year, I left the slopes every day of our four day trip with warm feet. I have two pair, one black and one blue which allows me to alternate so the foot smell has some time to air out.

These are a great sock to keep your feet warm while being active on the mountain. However if you plan on taking a break after some hard skiing, go inside because if your feet sweat, the sweat will cool and your feet will get cold. But, if you're just a leisurely skier, then I wouldn't worry about it too much.

I definitely recommend this socks. SmartWool has a great product and I hope to use these socks again and again on future ski trips.


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Smartwool Mens PhD Ski Medium Socks

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