Soft Khaki Pleated Short see all

Tom W The shorts look like normal khaki's, but they stretch and flex and are very comfortable. They seem to wear well, I have had them for a couple months, and have no complaints. I had a pen explode in my pocket and had ink on a pair and they even washed out 97-98% of the ink, so that you can barely see it, I would 100% recommend this style and I will buy them again!

J I I first bought pairs of these shorts at Macy's when I was visiting Las Vegas. They are so easy wearing, comfortable, easy to wash and iron, and come in good basic colors. That's the reason I bought some more of them when I lost a little weight and went down a pant size, and bought them through Zappos.


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Dockers Men’ D3 Pleated Soft Khaki Short

Soft Khaki Pleated Short
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