Arctix Mens Cargo Snow Pants

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JeremiahJohnson Well my last few years of snowboarding has consisted of me wearing multiple layers with my REI rain pants on top because I would only come up to Colorado maybe twice a year to board. As I just graduated college and made the move of my dreams to CO I decided it was time to invest in some real snowboard pants. I've only used them once at A Basin last week but so far I love them. I am 5'7", 165 lbs and the smalls fit me perfect. The vents are great and the multiple pockets are extremely nice. The hand pockets are zippered and the cargo pockets are velcro, folded over, and have a button snap (hope that makes sense) so your wallet and keys are going no where when you take a hard fall. It got up to about 45 degrees by 11:00am so I can't say I've put them to true test in cold conditions, but I was sweating until I opened up the leg vents so I think they will do fine once winter really hits. Only con is I found a security sensor on the inside of the pocket, they took one off so I figured that was it. If you buy them in store make sure to check they get them all.

wstrnstar 1st wearing: after a couple of hours on slope, time for toddy, went to reach for my wallet in the back pocket, gone with gaping hole at bottom of pocket (entire seam gave way, wallet fell thru). Bartender took pity and fronted me a double with condolences.

Only after sitting down and trying to sort things out, like how I was going to get supper and where the next tank of gas was coming from did I think to check the liner. Sure as hell, was down in bottom of leg.

Behavior modification opportunity here, will forever be keeping wallet in pack now. If it gets out of there I'll probably have a lot more to worry about than a wallet.

james1738 i use it for my snowboarding pants and the work great! i love how they feel and fit

DD i use it for my snowboarding pants and the work great! i love how they feel and fit


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Arctix Mens Cargo Snow Pants

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